Getting stuck at home sucks. Even the work-at-home enthusiasts enjoy getting out of the house intermittently to grab a coffee, hang out with friends or just unwind in the park. As social distancing becomes the new normal in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, it is becoming increasingly important to find creative ways of becoming effective and efficient while stuck at home. Here are some 6 things you can do to thrive while stuck at home.

1.    Home workout

If you have been procrastinating joining the gym for lack of time, this is the perfect opportunity to start working out from home. You might be pleasantly surprised to realize that the home workouts are just as effective as your local gym. To get started, you just need an exercise mat, some space in the living room, and an internet connection. There are lots of awesome workout videos on YouTube which you can use for your morning exercise. As you get more accustomed to working out from home, you can take it a notch higher by buying some basic workout equipment like dumbbells, a treadmill, and a stability ball.

2.    Start a business

Getting stuck at home can actually be a good thing for entrepreneurs. If you have been using lack of time as the excuse for not starting a business, you now have plenty of time on your hands. This is the perfect opportunity to start your blog, eCommerce store or whatever business you have been thinking of launching. Granted, your business might not take off immediately, but you can use the free time to set up the infrastructure, like developing the company branding and website. When everything gets back to normal, you can hit the ground running with the new venture and it might just be the break you have been waiting for.

3.    Read a book

If the stats by Pew Research are anything to go by, more than 26% of Americans will go through an entire year without reading a single book. If you are not into reading, you are missing out big time. Not only will reading books increase your creativity but it also helps to make you more open-minded. Additionally, a study by Yale University found out that people who read books for at least 30 minutes a day live longer than those who don’t read. It is also a fact that most successful people read lots of books. Now that you are stuck at home with very little to do, you can make use of the free time by reading a book.

4.    Get some fresh air

Make sure to get some fresh air. If the government hasn’t restricted movement, get out of the house at least once a day to take a walk. But even if you are not allowed to get out of the house, you can still open your window and get some of that fresh air in your house. A Harvard professor recently published a paper explaining the connection between fresh air and productivity in the office. In his paper, he encouraged employers to ensure employees had plenty of fresh air in the office. If you had your windows permanently sealed to avoid heat loss in winter, it might be a good idea to break the seals and open them occasionally. Fresh air will help you to be more productive.

5.    Develop a routine

Man is a creature of habit. If you think about it, there are things you are used to doing every morning just because of your daily routine. Now that you are stuck at home, it’s a perfect opportunity to create a new routine. For instance, you can decide to start your day with 30 minutes of meditation or some working out. Developing a morning routine will help you to be in charge of your day, which will help you to be more productive.

6.    Play a board game

Board games can be quite entertaining, but they have so much to offer than just entertainment. For starters, board games can help to strengthen relationships. Pick a board game that everyone in the family can participate in and play together as a family. Depending on the game, there are lots of new skills that you will learn as well. For example, Scrabble will help you polish up your vocabulary, Monopoly will help you to learn some invaluable investment and financial management lessons, and checkers will help improve your cognitive ability.


Instead of just lazing around the house during this season, you can take advantage of the time on your hands to set up yourself for success. Time is a non-renewable resource so you cannot afford to waste it. Follow the tips suggested above and start thriving today!


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