In the scope of business, success can stem from not just good planning and execution, but also through consistent and strong leadership. Not every business manager can build or maintain the credibility to motivate their team to achieve new heights of success. The types of characteristics that define a leader with good credibility are not always easy to learn. However, there are steps you can take to strengthen your credibility as a leader in the business environment. Here are ways to improve your credibility and inspire your team to perform under your leadership.


Provide Respect to Team Members

Earning respect as a leader is not a one-way street; when you show respect to others, that same courtesy may be returned to you. By showing respect and acknowledgement of other members of your team, you improve your cohesion with them while gaining credibility in return. You can enhance your leadership role to acknowledge and empower other team members which drives them to be more motivated to work with you.


Value Trust as a Team Component

Credibility also comes from earning the trust of your colleagues and team members. It can be challenging to reach out to team members through simple words, it is important to assume responsibility and demonstrate that you have the team’s best interests at heart as well. You can take some actions such as accepting responsibility for mistakes and not placing team members at a disadvantageous position if things do not go the right way. As your team sees you take more responsibility through your actions, your credibility can gain a boost.


Create a Sense of Loyalty 

Building and displaying loyalty can go a long way towards earning trust with your team. A credible leader not only talks about how appreciative they are of their team, but also demonstrates it through actions. If there are problems or issues, avoid blaming team members and instead work together on common solutions. By practicing these habits, you can further develop your credibility as a leader.

Maintain Accountability 

One of the most important aspects of responsibility is being accountable for your actions. If there is a mistake on your part, it sets a good example to your team to own up to them, then work towards a solution and move on. By avoiding blaming other team members, you build up your own credibility with the team and they naturally trust you more.


Put Actions Before Words

Instead of speaking too much or overexerting your words to influence your team, put more action behind them. Words or speeches alone can only do so much to lead and inspire a team to trust you. By showing your capabilities through action, you build up your credibility while also providing an example for your team to follow. When you naturally show others how goals are achieved, your credibility only increases as a result.


Learn and Grow with the Team

Not every leader comes into the frame proclaiming to be the master of everything. The leadership role provides just as much of an opportunity to grow as any other position within the organization. By adopting this mentality, you naturally approach your work with your team as a valuable learning and development experience. Your team members will pick up on this and gradually begin to see more credibility in your decisions and actions. 

When it comes to success and leadership in the business world, credibility can go a long way towards securing the trust and motivation of your team. What many of the world’s top organizations share in common is leadership that inspires confidence and trust from the top to the bottom. Establishing a sense of credibility can help you as a leader earn the trust of your team and resolve challenging problems with more confidence. By adopting these principles and putting them into action each day, you can gradually develop your credibility with your team and provide a foundation for a trusting, committed relationship between all members of the organization.


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