NCrowd – Networking Reinvented

The Development Process of NCrowd

When we developed NCrowd we wanted to think of everything in terms of getting into the experience of what networking is and the challenges and difficulties it presents and try to create solutions through the app. In my experience networking 20 years ago, there were so many inadequacies based on lack of technology which led to a lack of information.

We tried to use the networking experience tody and modernize it using technology to create a better experience.

Some of the really critical features of NCrowd is the ability to see who is attending in advance and be able to chat and see their business profiles and profile pictures. What we really are looking for is to learn about the person behind the business card. So when you make an NCrowd connection, it is a pretty in- depth connection where you can see their business profile and pictures. Their business card comes to life and their social media handles are bundled. It is a much more comprehensive way to make a stronger connection when determining who you want to do business with.


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